How to Use Card Tags (Review Cards by Tag)

AnkiApp lets you organize related cards within a deck by using tags. You can then set up a review that focuses only on reviewing these tagged cards.

Cards can be tagged from the cards view, or during a review session. For tagging during a review session, you can choose the "tag" option from the side menu. Starring or ignoring a card is a convenient way to quickly add a tag that allows you to 1) quickly find starred cards in the cards overview screen, or 2) keep cards out of review sessions (if ignored).

To tag a card from the Deck screen, open the menu, then select "Cards".

select a tag screenshot

Then pick a card you'd like to tag. From the Card screen for that card, use the New button in the Tags section to give it a tag.

select a card to tag screenshot

Go back to the Deck screen for this deck.

Use the settings button (the gear icon) in the bottom-left, next to the Review button, to open the review menu. Use the Tag button that appears, to select the tag you want to study.

select a tag to review screenshot

All the cards in your review session will now have the chosen tag.

show tag screenshot