What is AnkiApp and how is it better than flashcards or other apps?

Thanks for your interest in AnkiApp! We strive to make AnkiApp the best go-to platform to learn anything, anytime.

AnkiApp automates learning using the metaphor of flashcards. A physical "flashcard" is a piece of paper (typically a notecard) with information on both sides. You would use flashcards to associate the information on the "front" of the card with the information on the "back", by showing yourself the front, attempting to recall the information on the back, then flipping the card to check how you did.

Typically, you would arrange these cards into sets on the same topic, like "Chinese Idioms"; these sets are called "decks" of flashcards, like decks of playing cards.

Flashcards work similarly in AnkiApp, but many improvements:

  1. No paper needed; your flashcards are stored in the cloud and on your device, so they're always with you, and work the same on all devices.
  2. AnkiApp tracks your knowledge of each flashcard, and uses that information to focus your study away from the flashcards you know best and onto the ones you least know. This is crucial when learning a topic like Chinese which may require studying thousands of flashcards.
  3. Millions of pre-made flashcards are only taps away, thanks to our rich content platform.
  4. Decks can be easily shared via email address.
  5. Reviews and changes to decks/cards are synced automatically when connected to the internet, so no need to manually sync.

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