AnkiApp Background
What do the self-grade buttons ("Fail", "Hard", "Good", "Easy") mean?
Does AnkiApp work offline?
Do I need a computer or desktop app to edit or create decks?
What devices work with AnkiApp?
Creating Cards
Keyboard Shortcuts for Reviewing
Can I share decks with friends?
Does AnkiApp Print Flashcards?
Can I change the order of my flashcards?
Can I use decks from
Where do I get Spanish/German/______ flashcards?
What languages is AnkiApp available in?
How can I delete my AnkiApp account?
Can I import decks from spreadsheets (CSV)?
Does AnkiApp work on Windows?
How to use Source Code Highlighting
Ignoring Cards
I bought AnkiApp on my computer; do I have to buy it again for my phone/tablet (or vice versa)?
How to Use Card Tags (Review Cards by Tag)
How to Change the Interface Language
How to Study Decks Back-to-Front?
Can AnkiWeb shared decks be used in AnkiApp?
How to change your AnkiApp account email
How to Use Deck Groups (Review Decks by Tag)
How to Delete Tags from Cards
How do I rename a deck?
Changing deck name
Is it possible to merge decks?
How can I split up my Anki decks for import into AnkiApp?
How do I enable/disable notifications? (iOS only)
Does AnkiApp support Text-to-Speech (TTS)?
Can I publish my content through AnkiApp?
How to Change Your Password
What are Layouts?
Can I use TeX (LaTex) with AnkiApp?
What are Local, Cloud, and Shared decks?
How to Delete Tags from Decks
How do I get decks I made on the desktop app to my mobile device(s) and vice versa?
What is AnkiApp Unlimited and what benefits does it provide?
I've signed in to AnkiApp before, why do I have to log in again?
Is AnkiApp the same as Anki?
Forgot Password
Can I use my existing Anki (APKG) decks with AnkiApp?
How do I delete a deck?
I can't log in! (Forgot password? How to reset.)
Can I export my flashcards from AnkiApp?
Export decks from Anki (APKG) for use with AnkiApp
No audio or sound playback on iPad or iPhone
How do I add audio to a flashcard?
Trouble with sync