Trouble with sync

AnkiApp will automatically sync decks, cards, responses, etc. with AnkiApp on all devices and platforms.

If you are having trouble with sync:

  • Make sure all of your devices are updated with the latest AnkiApp version (visit to find the latest versions of AnkiApp on each platform)
  • Make sure your computer and/or device(s) are connected to the internet
  • Navigate to the "Profile" screen and press "Sync Now".

If you have attempted the steps above and the "Last Sync" time on the profile screen still does not update, contact support from within the app "Help" page, or email us at detailing which platform(s) and version(s) of AnkiApp you are attempting to sync.


Logging in from a new or existing device will automatically pull all up-to-date review history that has already been successfully synced to the cloud. Decks can be re-downloaded from the "My Decks" screen.

Logging out of AnkiApp will erase all local content on your device—be warned that any un-synced changes may be lost as a result.